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Scrimshander – Pronunciation: /ˈskrɪmʃændə/

The manufacture of handcrafts by wary Seadogs on long voyages, especially as whittled from wood or bone. The handiwork is commonly made out of the bones and teeth of sperm whales, the baleen or other whales, and the tusks of walruses.


A plethora of options for fret board, neck and body wood configurations are available to make your instrument truly unique. We use a combination of tone woods in our instruments, primarily being Mahogany, Ash, Poplar, Ziricote, Bocote, Ebony, Rosewood, Walnut.

We use both locally sourced woods, and imported. All woods are kiln and air dried to varying degrees.


The Scrimshander model has a base scale length of 25.5″ for excellent string tension, intonation and balanced bass/treble response. This can be customized, 24.75, 25, 27.7, Bari, you name it.

Standard body thickness in this model is 1.75”, although this can be modified as well.


Neck profiles can be fully customized to customer specification. Standard C, Modern C, D, Hard V, Ergonomic, Super Thin shred-o-mania.


You may have noticed the guitar has a pretty classy f-hole. This is influenced by Metal Resonator Guitars by the National Guitar Company from the 20’s and 30’s. This construction is possible thanks to semi-hollow construction.


We select all of our woods and hardware configurations for a good balance of increased mids and a great percussive attack and bottom end. With our standard and custom range of pickups at your disposal, we can shape each classic twang guitar tone into whatever you are aiming for.


The scrimshander feels at home with a Bigsby B5 geniune vibrato, it lulls the mermaids of the mighty Pacific ocean to sleep. This model can go sans vibrato all together, or maybe another option of tremolo.

We use high quality hardware machined in the U.S.A. specifically designed for guitars with vintage bridge specification requirements. We use stamped steel baseplates with brass saddles like the original design, with a higher quality finish work.

We also use vintage and modern tuners. Our vintage style use stamped steel housing, mounting screw pattern and push-in bushing. Our tuning machines meet the demands of the modern player with an easy to operate string post locking mechanism making secure string changes faster for the working musician without changing the overall appearance of a vintage styled instrument.


All of our electronics are high quality made in the U.S.A. We use braided shield wiring, CTS custom potentiometers, pick-up switches and oil-filled capacitors.



We spray polyurethane, nitrocellulose, oil based, and wax finishes.


We use custom pickup sets from StringJoy or Cleartone.


We are now offering our own hand built, scatter-wound pickups. We can do similar winds, overwinds, different magnet type, different coil types according to your needs.

If custom pickups aren’t your thing, we can hook you up with virtually any pickup provider.


Hear the Scrimshander!

Scrimshander - Song of Storms

Scrimshander - Dragonaut

Clean Tones

Scrimshander - Rick Graham Licks