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The Jazzcaster happens when you get two ridiculously cool designs and mash them together.


A plethora of options for fretboard, neck and body wood configurations are available to make your instrument truly unique. We use a combination of tone woods in our instruments, primarily being Mahogany, Ash, Poplar, Ziricote, Bocote, Ebony, Rosewood, Walnut.

We use both locally sourced woods, and imported. All woods are kiln and air dried to varying degrees.


Jazzcasters come standard with a 25.5” scale length for excellent string tension, intonation and balanced bass/treble response. We can customize the scale length.

Standard body thickness in this model is 1.75”, although this can be modified as well.


Comes standard with a think neck profile, although these can be fully customized as per the norm.


We select all of our woods and hardware configurations for a good balance of mids and a great percussive attack and bottom end. With our standard and custom range of pickups at your disposal, we can shape each Jazz boy tone into whatever you are aiming for.


We use U.S.A. made bridges for this model, vintage and modern style. We use steel base plates and brass barrels for that accurate period correct tone.

We use high quality hipshot hardware for performance, beauty and ergonomics. Each bridge base is hand polished before plating for a smooth, comfortable feel under your palm. The stainless steel saddles have a crisp string relief edge, eliminating dull tones and maximizing string vibration.


We also use vintage and modern tuners. Modern hipshot tuners use a 16:1 gear ratio, and have that sleek, clean modern look. Workhorse functionality and locking tuners.

Vintage style uses stamped steel housing, mounting screw pattern and push-in bushing. Our tuning machines meet the demands of the modern player with an easy to operate string post locking mechanism making secure string changes faster for the working musician without changing the overall appearance of a vintage styled instrument.


All of our electronics are high quality made in the U.S.A. We use braided shield wiring, CTS custom potentiometers, pick-up switches and high-quality premium capacitors.


Our jazzcasters come stock with single coils, or Mini Humbucker + Bridge Single coil configuration. We build our own scatter-wound pickups, or we can also get you any fathomable after-market pickup.


Our jazzcasters come stock with a high gloss polyurethane finish. We spray polyurethane, nitrocellulose, oil based, and wax finishes.


We use custom Stringjoy and Cleartone strings.

Hear a Jazzcaster:

Tortuga Jazzcaster

Jazzcaster Clean Tones

Jazzcaster Fuzz Tones