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At White Whale Guitar Co., we strive towards building guitars that will resonate with the player. We build traditional and modern style guitars. As long as it’s made of an earthen element, and has strings on it, and can be wailed on, we will build it.

We use a whole bunch of perks to describe the attributes in our guitars. You’ll probably recognize the following icons throughout our webpage.



HAND-MADE: All our guitars are built with our own hands.

TONE-WOOD: We hand-selected premium tone woods for the instrument.

ELECTRONICS: We use premium electronics in our guitars. Vintage cloth-braided wire, CTS logarithmic pots, oil-filled caps, switchcraft jacks.

PICKUPS: We use our own scatter-wound pickups, or boutique aftermarket pickups from premium manufacturers.

FINISH: We spray high quality water-like surfaces when using high gloss. We also use satin-matte, and oil based finishes.

TONE: All of our instruments have unique tone. It is absolutely critical that the tone be balanced yet versatile for any genre.

BRIDGE: We use aftermarket bridges for our instruments. Only the tried and true, and the best.

TUNERS: We also use aftermarket tuning machines, only the most accurate and trustworthy systems.

STRINGS: We only use THE best custom strings, any gauges available.

SCALE LENGTH: We customize our instruments with different scale lengths. 24.75″, 25″, 25.5″, Baritone, Multi-Scale *Fanned Fret

NECK PROFILE: We use various different neck profiles. From “Baseball Bat” thick, to ultra-thin shred profiles.

SEMI-HOLLOW: We also use chambered or semi hollow construction. This allows us to use some pretty rad f-holes.