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Build Process: CNC machining

What makes a White Whale Guitar different?

Each White Whale Guitar is unique, and infused with the spirit of the mighty leviathan. To craft our guitars, we combine both old-school woodworking techniques and modern computer manufacturing processes. We use CAD/CAM software to draw and design our instruments, and then run them in our CNC in the guitar building processes that we feel are benefited from this technology. The processes aided by this technology are fret slotting, neck and pickup routes. We still use our handmade charm in the processes that will be appreciated by the guitar player, like the carving of the neck and body contours. 


Accurate Fret Dressing / Erlewine Neck Jig

Every neck that comes out of our shop is fret-leveled under tension using a special jig designed by Dan Erlewine. We clamp the entire guitar down and then simulate the tension caused by the strings tuned to pitch. This allows us to achieve increased accuracy in the fret leveling and dressing process, obtaining a crazy comfortable neck and set-up. This is something really appreciated by our shred-oriented players, for some really low action.

Unlimited Finishing Options

Each White Whale Guitar is unique, and infused with the spirit of the mighty leviathan. All of our guitar finishes are unique and unlimited in options. We use only the best materials to achieve thin yet durable finishes that will allow the wood to breathe, achieving a responsive, dynamic tone. 



Custom and alternative wiring options 

Have a fancy wiring circuit you’d like for us to incorporate into your custom guitar build? No problem. This includes effects, coil splits, phase reversals, on/off switches, you name it. We take pride in clean solder joints and our electrickery.

Handmade Pickups

To achieve an even closer understanding of the tonal character our players are trying to achieve, we design and build our own pickups at White Whale Guitar Co. We hand build these to client spec, with different winding materials, number of winds, magnet materials, magnet types, polarities. We can also further customize using custom bobbin material like figured and exotic woods.


Premium Quality Wood-Sourcing

We hand-select and source only the best premium tonewoods for our custom builds. We are firm believers that the wood that goes into an instrument has a tremendous effect in its over-all tone and timbre. We select every piece of wood that goes into our instruments, always looking for visually unique and tonally stunning materials.