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Our story.

White Whale Guitar Co. is an electric guitar manufacturing company based in Monterrey, México. All instruments are hand built by a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, spearheaded by myself, Alejandro Torres. 

Our instruments pay homage to the build and design philosophy of old, combined with the use of technological advancements in woodworking tools that allow for ridiculously fine tolerances in our machining. 


My name is Alejandro Torres. I decided to start designing and building electric guitars after 4 generations of experience in fine furniture manufacture and cabinet-making accumulated in my family. I’ve had guitars stuck to my hands since I was 8 years old. Building guitars is my White Whale / Holy Grail.

Our commitment lies in reproducing the best sounding and looking instrument possible with regards to our players’ needs and vision.

We pride ourselves in our craft, and share an unrelenting dedication. We will continue to chase the art of guitar making to our untimely demise, be it so.

The albino sperm whale has been notably present in our logo since inception. We are often asked its origin and meaning.


This is a direct reference to Herman Melville’s Novel “Moby Dick”, and the brilliant personification of the very essence of fanaticism through the novel protagonist, Captain Ahab.


We are absolute fanatics of electric guitars and their creation, albeit without inheriting the monomaniacal attributes that lead to Ahab’s downfall. Our dream is to build these guitars, tools of artistic expression, regardless of extremes that may accompany this craft.

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